Chilux – A pioneering brand of utility baby products in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, ThaiLand, Vietnam… The Chilux products meet high-quality standards, have considerable popularity as well as fulfil real needs of international and domestic customers. Our items are offered at reasonable prices thanks to the direct distribution channel without any intermediary agents.

  • Headquarter in Singapore: Block 3007, Ubi Road 1, #03-454, Singapore 408701
  • Website: https://chilux.sg/
  • Hotline: +65 8902 9672

From the beginning, Chilux applies European technology and machinery imported from Germany for the manufacturing process. Besides, we take priority over product research and development through learning from developed countries.

Now, Chilux products including baby cot, baby stroller, high chair, baby walker, convertible car seat are available in Southeast Asia countries such at Chilux Malaysia, Chilux Vietnam, Chilux Thailand, Chilux Phillipines. From our mission to offer parents a helping hand during the baby care journey, our innovations focus on item quality with the comfort and convenience features you want, so Chilux products created always satisfy customers’ needs and meet their expectations in different countries.


At Chilux, we put BENEFITS OF CHILDREN first.
In order to aim for sustainable development in the present and future, Chilux is planning to improve the operation and management system with a view to optimize the manufacturing process as well as our trade and service. From there, we not only create positive impacts on the environment, make contributions to community development but also bring core values to life in the workplace.

a. Management system

  • Maintain and enhance capacity management
  • Focus on main activities: production and trade\
  • Take priority over 3 important keywords: Convenience – Safety – Science

b. Safety insurance

  • Get ECE R44/04 certificate (stands for Regulation No 44 on safety standards for car seats of European Economic Commission)
  • Get typical E-marks of some European countries such as: Germany(E1), Netherlands(E4), Czech Republic(E8), Luxembourg(E13), Republic of Ireland(E24)
  • Cot material: Pine wood imported from New Zealand that passed safety tests on quality standards
  • Plastic used for all products (PU, PP, HDPE – safe and non-toxic plastic types) that are highly recommended by baby health experts.

c. Human resource development

  • Foster a work environment: positive, professional, comfortable and friendly
  • People-centered development
  • Build trust and respect in the workplace
  • Facilitate equal opportunities for learning and career advancement
  • Prioritize onboarding and training
  • Encourage collaboration and communication as well as creation
  • Focus on science researchs


Children are a never-ending source of inspiration for love, youth, and rekindling faith in life’s good values. No matter who you are, whether you have a “hot” or “cold” heart, the innocent smiles and eyes of children can defeat you. Children make us slow down, think differently, and love more. Each precious moment has swept us back in time, rediscovering the beautiful days of my childhood, when we used to live happily and carefree. Then those wonderful memories awoke us – who were inspired by the energy of positive life, always aching in our hearts with a small wish that: Children should be nurtured, cared for, better protection and development, that is the opportunity for Chilux to be born.


Like children in other developed countries around the world, Singapore ones deserve good things and the best care, so we always aspire to take the lead with the mission of helping babies get exactly the utility products they need because we believe that children are the country’s future and it’s our responsibility to ensure their comprehensive development.


We provide smart products that support parents to fully nurture their children and help little ones get better care and comprehensive growth.


  • Dedicate all the love to babies
  • Make commitment and take responsibility
  • Support our beloved teammates
  • To be careful and meticulous in every step of the manufacture process
  • Pursue the goal toward customers’ satisfaction