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2.490.000 ĐẶT HÀNG


The Chilux multi-function stroller is made of durable frames and high-quality materials, and it comes with a plethora of eye-catching and luxurious products. Chilux currently manufactures four models of multi-function baby strollers: the Chilux V1.6, the Chilux S1.9, the Chilux A320 Compact, and the Chilux S 360. All of these models have been certified in accordance with international standards. The Chilux baby stroller has the following features:

  • The ability to rotate 360 degrees and change the direction of the stroller’s push
  • Waterproof canopy protects baby from harmful UV rays
  • Several modes for baby to lie down or sit comfortably
  • Shockproof design of high quality, providing comprehensive protection for your baby
  • Ingenious design of the foot brake
  • Folds easily in just a few steps, making it easy to transport when going out
  • A fixed 5-point seat belt
  • Ample storage space.

Chilux is a pioneering brand of baby utility products in Singapore as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia… With the goal of providing completely safe products and assisting mothers in caring for their mothers. Chilux prioritizes the needs of the baby. Along with baby strollers, Chilux offers a wide range of other exceptional products, including baby cots, high chairs, baby car seats, baby walkers, and desks.

Warranty policy for baby strollers up to 3 years, with a one-to-one exchange within 100 days if there is a manufacturer defect. All Chilux products, in particular, come with free nationwide shipping. When parents trust and choose the Chilux brand, they feel secure.