Storage instructions:

  • When water is poured into the wood, it is best to quickly wipe the wet surface with a dry cloth to prevent the water from penetrating deeply into the wood.
  • Wood surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis (once a month). Sandpaper (included) can be used to gently rub on dirty surfaces to keep the cot clean and fresh.
  • Check the screw holes; if they are loose, the parents should tighten them with the available screwdriver set.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Products damaged during use due to manufacturer’s defects, such as: material, screws, wheels, wood changed, damaged wood, mold, damaged product connectors, making mode adjustment impossible.
  • We will cover all costs incurred during the warranty period.

1 to 1 exchange:

To protect our customers’ best interests, we offer a return policy that includes the following specific provisions:

  • Defective product (outside box or product different from what is described on the website)
  • Product is damaged, broken, cracked.
  • Manufacturer’s defects.
  • 1 to 1 exchange within 100 days from the purchase date if found manufacturing defects


Customers should keep the following in mind when receiving goods:

  • Open the package and compare the quantity to the delivery note.
  • Check to see if the actual product matches the product you ordered.
  • Check the packaging and product for transportation damage or not, and whether the goods are still in their original condition with all accessories and warranty card or not.

>>> If you are dissatisfied with any of the three conditions listed above, please contact the hotline: 1800 6464 78 (free of charge) to have your concerns addressed.

  • We may delay delivery due to bad weather conditions, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged vehicles on the way of delivery, problems during shipment.
  • In the meantime, if you have any questions about shipping information, please call the hotline at 1800 6464 78.

Quality Commitment:

  • Experts have gone through many stages of anti-termite, warping, and surface sanding on all of the wood products.
  • The wood used in the production has been thoroughly kiln-dried to ensure optimum moisture levels, removing the possibility of seasonal expansion.
  • A team of professionals inspects each Chilux product for quality assurance.
  • We always listen to customer feedback to improve our products, and we always try to understand our customers’ needs in order to bring them the best products.

Support all costs for products that are still under warranty.