Chilux baby car seats come in a variety of eye-catching designs, are of high quality, and have received European safety certification. Chilux currently offers two baby car seat product lines: Chilux ROY 360 and Chilux SAFE 360. The following are some of their most notable characteristics:

  • European safety standards ECE R44/04, E8 and ADAC are certified
  • Capable of unlimited 360-degree rotation or simple reversing of the chair to allow mothers to easily care for their babies
  • High-quality cushion material and 4-layer head protection ensure your baby’s safety even in the event of a collision
  • 7-position headrest height adjustment for your child aged 0 to 12 years
  • Chilux ISOFIX baby car seat with U-bar and anti-roll bar to keep your baby safe
  • Scientifically designed baby waist protection lining, lumbar and spine support
  • Fixed 5-point belt, reducing impact force and keeping baby comfortable at all times.

Chilux is a pioneering brand of baby utility products in Singapore as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia… With the goal of providing completely safe products and assisting mothers in caring for their mothers. Chilux prioritizes the needs of the baby. Along with baby cribs, Chilux offers a wide range of other exceptional products, including high chairs, baby car seats, walkers, baby strollers, and desks.

Warranty policy for baby car seats up to 3 years, with a one-to-one exchange within 100 days if there is a manufacturer defect. All Chilux products, in particular, come with free nationwide shipping. When parents trust and choose the Chilux brand, they feel secure.